Sunday 19 May 2013

Oops it was rather muddy.

We went down to the cottage before tea to see our friend. To say the least it has rained here in the last 24 hrs, it was running down the pavement like a river yesterday afternoon, and maybe our decision to take a walk along the river was a bit silly, because gosh it was rather muddy.

I guess the cattle must be back out in the fields, and talk about churned to mud. I am just glad we did not have the children with us as we would have had to turn back as it was rather dodgy for us let alone them. At one point I thought my welly was staying stuck in the mud, but thankfully it decided to come unstuck.

We squelched through the gateway which was bone dry last week.

It was rather deep and squelchy.

The grandchildren were playing  here last week, this was the river bank. under inches of water. 

 But there was a lot of nice nature to see while we were out. 

The blossom on the trees was beautiful.

Fungi growing on a tree at the side of the river, it was the size of a very large dinner plate.

The moss on the walk back up is a beautiful shade of green.

This was the state of my wellies time we got back to the cottage.

But it was a lovely afternoon and it got OH and the cottage resident out for a walk. 


  1. eek that's a lot of mud! It reminds me of when I went to Glastonbury!

  2. That looks like so much fun. Gorgeous pictures x


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