Tuesday 28 May 2013

What I thought of CEWE Photobook - A tribute to Shorty dog

I was asked if I wanted to do a review of CEWE Photobook, and as a lover of Project 365 how could I say  no? All I had to do was download the free award winning software and start designing my album, or let the software assistant create my book for me.

So I downloaded the software and went to get started. First off my theme, might not be to everybody's  liking but a photobook is a very personal thing and made to remember a date or time that means something to you, so I chose mine as a present for my husband to remember the 1st anniversary of Shorty dog's passing on May 28th 2012, one year ago today.

why use a floor when a bed will do?

So I searched through all the photographs I have of her, believe me there are many, and so I categorised them to make it easier before I started. I also wanted some of the poems that he has written for her over on the pet memories page he has made for her, you can see it here if you want, and if you feel like it you can even light a candle for her.

layering in different sizes

Your first option is to choose your cover, soft, hard, linen or a booklet, then decide how many pages you want, this can be anything from as few as 26 pages, to as many as 130. You can choose glossy paper, standard paper, glossy photo paper or matt photo paper.

I have to say the software is so easy to use, the editing options are very easy to use and very simple to understand.

my back page, should have been front
You can choose the amount of photos you want on a page, you can put a border round one or all of them, and if your not happy with the way a page is looking it is very easy to change the layout or positions of the pictures. Every page can be different.

Text can be added to any pictures you want, or you can do what I did and add a long poem over a double page. You have full free choice of font, font size and colour.  There are hundreds of different possibilities to totally personalise your piece of work.

my front page. 

I have to say the only bit that I obviously did not look at well enough was the cover, what I actually wanted on the front I have got on the back and vice versa, my fault not the companies, that is where I placed it in error. Hubby was slightly upset at my error but is touched by the gesture I made.

The colour reproduction is spot on, all my pictures came out exactly the way I had intended, the print is clear and sharp and I was not disappointed. The text is clear and crisp and very readable. The hard cover will make for a long lasting product and the glossy paper is very good quality.

I received my finished product within five days of placing the order, a very good turn round time for something that is made from scratch at their end.

pictures can be placed at an angle. 
I have to say I cannot fault this book in any respect, from the software, to the layout, to the editing, right through to the delivery of the finished product was just spot on.

CEWE also do posters, prints and enlargements, canvases, calenders and photo gifts such as jigsaws, teddy bears, mugs and cards.

I have to say having used other similar companies I would highly recommend this company and as any of you who read my blog regularly know if I am not impressed with a company/product/freebie then I will readily say so.

I was given a voucher to review the whole experience of using this company but my findings remain honest and unbiased.

A poem found by my husband that he liked the words of that I had printed in the book.

From a little dog.
 I know that you miss me, at times you are sad.
 You think you should have done more as my Mum and my Dad.
 But I've something to tell you, so you won't feel so bad.
 You gave me the best life I could ever have had.
Now that I'm in heaven, I don't feel the pain.
 It's always warm and sunny here, never any rain.
 I just have to thank you, that my memories are glad.
 For you gave me the best life I could ever have had.
 The times that were painful are just lessons learned.
 I've forgotten the sad times, with the freedom I've earned.
 Just know in your heart, with a faith iron-clad...
 That you gave me the best life I could ever have had.


  1. Firstly, what a lovely keepsake to remind you of your happy memories with Shorty. I can tell she meant the world to you, so sad when they leave us. I can't believe it's a year since she left you, it doesn't seem that long ago. Secondly, I love the book, it's a great review and a really nice way to present photographs and portfolios even maybe. That poem is beautiful. Sending hugs x

  2. Well I truly enjoyed the whole making experience, last photobook I made was a nightmare and the end result not that impressive. Thank you for your hugs.

  3. Ahh Short-dog. So loved and missed. Lovely memorial and the book is a great way yo remember the happy times. The poem is very touching- Shorty would be proud of her master <3


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