Tuesday 7 May 2013

This months Healthy Supplies choices.

This month I have varied away from my usual gluten free products due to having a diabetic in the house. This month I have decided to go with low GI products that slow burn in the body. Also chosen high fibre foods to help out as  well.

This month I chose various different sugars to test out which one is preferred in hot drinks, as well as can you tell the difference in baking.


I chose

next comes the added fibre, fine oatmeal,  that I will add to cakes and biscuits.oatbran and oatgerm again lowers the GI of cakes, biscuits and flap jack, jumbo oats for the same reason, light brown self raising flour the wheat's bran and germ which makes this flour more fibrous than typical white plain flour

some dried fruit to add more fibre and some flavour - dried apples. dried apricots, figs,  as well as pumpkin and sunflower seeds, these add minerals to the diet. 

What did I make with my last supplies?

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