Tuesday 28 May 2013

Wallpaper - decisions decisions, and other new house updates.

Well the decorator is booked for Thursday, and OH has chosen the wallpaper for the living room, but decided today he fancies making the chimney at the fireplace a feature. Took us hours to pick the first plain paper, and it has already been changed once.  So we picked up a couple of different samples, some we dismissed when we got them "home", and the others we tried up against the wall.

Once we had them up against the wall it was suppose to be a toss up between the three of them, the beige/cream/brown stripe, the big bold green flowers

 or the smaller green flowers?

But we have decide to choose the flower paper for the chimney breast in the middle of the wall and the stripey one either side to cover one whole wall.

Ok comments please, here, twitter or FB -  flowers - bigger or smaller?

Hubby took up the carpet from  the smaller back bedroom at the weekend, it came up dead easy, sadly the underlay was past its best and was pretty much just a pile of black dust. Took a while to hoover it up carefully without creating clouds to breath in. But the room is empty ( well apart from a few tool related things) ready for Forbo flooring coming out to lay my allergy free carpet in there on June 13th. Was offered this to do a review through Allergy UK.This was to be part of allergy awareness week that happened from April 22nd -28th but as I was moving it was silly to put it down in here.

Allergy UK Approved Flooring

Flotex and Marmoleum, both from Forbo Flooring Systems
are the only floor coverings to have been
awarded the prestigious “Seal of Approval”
from Allergy UK as with the correct cleaning regime,
 they will not harbour allergens or house dust mites.
 With a recent report by Allergy UKestimating that there are at least 12 million people
“allergic to their own home” - with 58% citing
house dust mites as a key trigger the importance
 of floor coverings in creating better
indoor environments should not be overlooked.
It’s also an issue that shouldn’t be ignored
 by educational, healthcare,
 office establishments, or social care –
 in fact any place where people are
 likely to spend a prolonged period

all cleaned up. 

My bathroom revamp is also getting there. Have finished there. Have cleaned the floor with a steam cleaner, and placed the towels I bought over the storage unit, placed the ornaments on top and the vase on the windowsill. The light cord is also up, mirror, blind and toilet seat are tomorrows job.

This week will see downstairs finished ready for the carpet fitters to come in and do their job. Will go pick the carpet oncer we have the wall paper up.


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