Saturday, 20 August 2011

Competition Winner

congrats go to @xeminoz who picked

Chilla Vanilla ice cream body wash
Blue Juice Wave soap in a sponge
Gardeners pot pourri botanical soap
Free soaps I would choose
Energise aromatherapy soap
Honey & bran botanical soap

as her prize.

she has been notified.


  1. Thank you Elaine.
    All the products smell absolutely delicious.... Such an amazing scent wafting out of the box when I opened up my parcel! Which now fills the bathroom :)
    I couldn't wait to try the Blue Juice Wave soap in a sponge, so innovative, and it doesn't disappoint. Fantastic smell,gentle exfoliation whilst bathing & it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry.
    Very reasonable & great quality. I will be ordering more for sure

  2. yes I have to agree the stuff is wonderful, my next order going in next month


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