Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Be careful what you wish for!!

I stuck a Facebook update on my blog saying I would like a nice WEM or WTC for something worthwhile. Within half an hour I have one, it read;


Dear Mrs Livingstone

Thank you very much for entering our competition.  Unfortunatley, you didn't win our first prize of a luxury holiday, new car and handfuls of cash, however, you are the lucky winner of our much coveted second prize, which I personally think is much better than first prize.

Your prize, which must be collected tomorrow evening between 3pm and 4pm, otherwise it will be forfeited, is two small children.  You will be able to spend the evening with these children, having fun and playing with them.  You will also be given the opportunity to cook for them, clean up after them, act as referee in case of any fights, administer drugs to one of them, and just generally be there for their every need.

This is a prize that money cannot buy, and we hope that you enjoy your evening.  The best part of this prize, is that it is not a one off.  By winning, you have earned yourself the chance to take part in this experience once a week.

Yours faithfully

Sharron-Ann Brazier
Tarbolton Media and P.R.

Will need to stick this on a comp swap site I think, I'm not keen on runner up prizes....
Got to love my daughters sense of humour, thanks for the laugh daughter dear. 

Now I wonder what happens if Im late to pick them up??


Nice to see you stopping by. Thank you for your comment and I hope you stop by again.