Monday, 23 September 2013

My dream home

As all you regular followers are aware I have just moved house and  have been having fun doing it up the way I like it. But I have to say I often dream about  "My dream home" if I was to suddenly win a lot of money. I am sure we all dream about a nice win on the lottery and what we would do with it, but I would have my house built from scratch designed just the way I would like it.

lots of bulbs for lots of light
First off I would lease a chunk on a nice remote Scottish Island. May not be everybody's cup of tea and I am sure a lot of you would want to go abroad somewhere warm and sunny, but that is not for me. I would be off to one of the more remote islands. In the summer the days are long as it is getting quite far north, the downside to this of course is in the winter the days are short, but if my house is designed correctly that will not matter. Plenty of triple glazed windows on the correct side to enjoy the natural light when it is available  and I would put a lot of thought into what indoor ceiling lighting I would use. LED bulbs give off a  much nicer light than conventional low wattage bulbs so we would make sure our lights were compatible with them.

First off my house would be a single storey, no up and downstairs for me, thinking ahead to my old age here. It would be good size rooms without being to big to heat, but big enough to be spacious. My rooms would all have vacuum cleaners built into the walls, just a matter of stretching out the hose, no lugging a bulky machine, no bags to empty as they will hoover straight into my bin.

I would build in some nice safety features like smoke detectors that when they go off will activate machines that will suck the smoke out of the room, after all smoke kills more people than the fire. All my smoke alarms would be electronically linked to give as much warning as possible.

My heating would be the underfloor type, firstly as hot air rises seems daft to have it half way up your wall,and secondly no more cold feet or the need for slippers.

I would have four bedrooms, big enough for the family to visit but not too big that we will rattle around when we are just our two selves. All four bedrooms would have a toilet with two of them made en-suite. My en-suites would be wet rooms, offering nice spacious showers, and again looking towards my old age when I cant climb in or out of a bath or a shower. I would do away with the need for a towel for my body by getting big blow dryers put in, like you use for your hands only bigger. Would also put hand dryers in my toilets and kitchen as well. I would do away with conventional taps using sensor technology same as they have in the hospitals.

I appreciate there may be times of the year where you cannot get off the island due to the adverse weather, but I would be prepared for that with a basement type storage area that I could fill with tinned and frozen food. I would own my own boat so that I could leave the island when I wanted too and it would double up for hubby to use for fishing and a heliport would be essential for quick trips across to the mainland not to mention a nice 4 by 4 for leisurely driving around the place.

Hubby would like a cinema room with a huge big wrap around television, and he can watch films while I swim in my heated indoor swimming pool that I would have added on.
My swimming pool room would be made from glass that I could see out and watch what is happening but those outside could not see in.

Most importantly I would have a satellite broadband signal so I could still update my blog.

Right....guess I better start buying lottery tickets cos it wont happen any other way.

What would you like built into your dream home?

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  1. I love to think about and design my dream home too!! Always fun to dream! :D

  2. My husband is an Architect so I don't think I would get a look in if we ever had to build a dream home, I would love to live in an eco property though with a bit of land to grow vegetables.


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