Sunday, 8 September 2013

Happy Birthday Tweeze

Gosh it does not seem possible, thirty three today. You came into the world at 1.58am on Monday 8th September 1980. You were three weeks early, born thirteen minutes after we got to hospital, and I think it is the only time in your life you have ever been in a hurry.

You were not a bad size, exactly seven pounds had a mop of dark hair that brought staff in from all over the hospital to see the baby with all the hair.

You had your first hospital stay and operation at four weeks old and you were very proud of your picture on your tummy as you called your scar. You spent a lot of time in hospital for many different reasons during your childhood.

I do remember your big sister, who was about twenty months old at the time, being very disappointed when we brought you back out of the hospital after your first operation because she had thought we were taking you back and swapping you for a baby that did not cry, but sadly for her you were here to stay.

you at 8 weeks old with your big sister and the boy who lived down the stairs, who was only 30 hrs older than you

you at the back with your sister and Auntie Maureen

with some of your 4th birthday presents

You had your Primary 1 wrapped round your little finger, because you were small, dark haired, dark eyed and dark skinned and you were so cute. If you did not want to work in class you did not. School caused you a few issues as you were left handed and use to write backwards across the page and you used to get confused when you tried to read books the same way, and for quite a while you started at the back of the book and read forwards, but the teachers said you would come out of this and you did.

A favourite family pastime was hill rolling, here are you with your sister, brother and family friend running up and rolling down hills in Linlithgow. Funnily enough your cousins rolled down the very same hills. You never saw any danger in doing this, and you all survived with any broken limbs or tears.

The holiday that nearly never was. We were booked for a week in a caravan in Dumfries, but the day before we were due to go on holiday you were admitted to hospital and they suspected you may need an operation. You didn't so we got away on holiday one day late.
 Do you remember on that holiday you and your sister ganging up on your wee brother and tying him into his pyjamas so he could not escape, and us all laughing at him as he tried in vain? He did see the funny side of it.

the farm cat on holiday

You found Primary Seven very difficult as you wanted to do what al your friends were doing, going swimming without adults, but due to your epilepsy you were not allowed. Despite your issues I tried to treat you a normal as possible, you had a bike, you went gorge-walking, abseiling, canoeing etc.

first year at high school

using your sister as a hoover in amongst the mess

You were always a kind caring child, loved animals, and spent a couple of years volunteering in a local vets. At the time  you had an aspiration to be a vet.

cutting your cake on your 14th birthday

doing archery at Auchengillan

with Auntie H on a fairground ride.

6th year at high school 

You decided to become an Occupational Therapist instead of a vet, and here you are on your graduation day, we were all immensely proud of you, and still are.

You have more than achieved what I wanted for all of you when you grew up, to be happy.

Happy Birthday daughter dear and I hope life continues to be good to you.

love from Mum   xx


  1. Happy birthday Tweeze! Elaine, what a lovely post, I can see why you're so proud of your daughter.

  2. Ah that's lovely - I hope I get to write a post like that one day :)


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