Friday, 27 September 2013

Bob and Auntie H went to the park ( with the camera)

Auntie H took Fifi to Pizza Hut the other day, nobody else can eat out of there so Fifi feels she is missing out, and so she promised Bob she would come and take him out yesterday. Bob is not keen on the bus and Auntie H does not drive, so they have no choice but to stay in the village.

Bob decided to take Auntie H out round the village, but came here first to pick the camera up. We still need pictures for Capture the colour so the fact he is still showing a huge interest is good.

Here are some of the pictures he took, in no specific order, maybe not competition winners but fun none the less.

We now have all the colours we need and I will get them sorted for our competition entry.

a litter bin

a pile of sand in the school playground

a truck that doubles as bench and table

Smurfs on the front of the car

Bob in the park taken by Auntie H

a climbing frame

a strange swing

flowers in a garden

a sign in the park

Bob posting my letter

looking across the park. 
the back of the truck

the front of the truck

the drivers seat in the truck

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