Sunday, 22 September 2013

Project 365 15th - 21st September

Had thought about not joining in the Project this week as it had a huge anti-climax to it and the only photos I have taken relate to it. But my blog is about my life, what is happening to me and again one day may need to look back on this week and remember the highs. For legal reasons I can not mention on here what was going on but the outcome was a huge disappointment.
Having said that being together as an extended family group in small confines all week was not as bad as I expected it might be, a lot of reminiscing and some great laughs.


Thought it made a nice picture.

The outside of our home for the week.

Our room for the week. Was not a bad size, had electric sockets so we took kindles, mobile phones, laptops and such like with us. Could have done with a coffee maker or at least a water machine.  On Monday they took my camera off of me, so today I hid it at the bottom of my bag. Would love to have gone wandering round with the camera the inside of the building was just screaming out to be photographed but this was the only picture I took inside.


We took the train up and back every day, think this was the only afternoon we had it was not raining and misty. You can just make out the windmills in the background, the pylon was a happy mistake, right place right time.


Amusing myself on the train home, we had picked at rubbish all week between us.

Went into an Italian restaurant for lunch, and this fine chap was stood in the corner. One of our group asked Why a Roman centurion in an Italian Restaurant? To which we all fell about laughing and then told her cos Rome is the capital of Italy.


We had been discussing tomatoes at work last week, as you do, and so my lovely work partner brought me in a tub of tomatoes. I ate half of them and have put the rest in to eat during my break today (cos I'm typing this on Sunday). I didn't actually get a break  so I brought them home again.

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  1. Who took your camera off you? Sounds rather worrying. I'm really out of the loop here I think, but i do hope you're ok. x

  2. Blog is always interesting,but this week it lacks your added sparkle. Chin up. It WILL get better x

    1. my sparkle has been dampened by the rain this week Sam, hard to smile when your hurting.

  3. I am sending massive hugs this week. You are going through a horrible time and nothing i can say will make it better, although i am sending masses of love x

  4. I know it's been a difficult week - I hope you can find a way to achieve the outcome you want. x Lovely pictures though - I like the tomatoes and the pomegranate.

  5. i am so sorry that you have had a such a rough week Elaine - i don't know all the ins and outs but looking through your photos i can sense where you have been at least :(
    Still, the fig makes for a colourful pic as do the sweets and fsancy your friend not kmnowing about Rome being the captial of Itlay!!!
    I hope this week is better for you x x

  6. It certainly has been a tough week, so sorry the outcome wasn't what you wanted. x

  7. This has been such a terribly difficult week for you, you are such a brave woman.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  8. I hope that you are ok? Great photos, the bit about the Roman Centurion made me smile.


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