Saturday, 28 September 2013

Project 365 22nd - 28th September 2013


There is a company doing house insulation locally, and its noisy enough from this side of the street, goodness knows how noisy it is in the house.


Went off picking blackberries today, first of the season that I have managed to get time to pick.


Had the children for a while tonight as daughter was away to physio as she is having a lot of discomfort. As I know I will be late to pick them up on Thursday we did some baking today instead. We made blackberry muffins.
The two of them were stood in the kitchen doorway once we had finished and Fifi was boxing his ears and he was laughing at her....strange boy!!


These are the cakes the children made yesterday. Bobs are on the left.

Went out with a friend to visit another friend and for some strange reason the zebra crossings appealed to me.


Was late picking the children up yesterday, time I picked them up and fed them they wanted to watch a film rather than play games. So Bob and I played the wii this morning after Fifi went to school.


This came in the post yesterday as part of the Brit Mums Barny post. Lets hope its dry next week so we can get out and use it.

ps we got out on Tuesday and used it if you want to go look, have blogged about it here

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  1. We got our BritMums parcel too - we were out yesterday using ours. I quite like your zebra crossings too.

  2. my two will not eat those Barney Bear cakes - no idea why not though! i have been maing things with blackberries too - well it is rude not to when they are so readily available. i am glad you have had a betetr week in photos x

    1. Fifi likes them, Bob not allowed them, but I know a few friends at work said their children did not like them either.

  3. Oh those berries look yummy! hehe x

  4. That parcel from Britmums looks great. I bet you will have lots of fun with it!

  5. oh the kids are great little bakers

  6. We got our Britimums parcel..really need to get a move on and use it this weekend.

    Love blackberries and those cakes look yummy!

  7. We love those Barny cakes, they're ideal for lunchboxes! I've now run out of the Britmums supplies, so will need to find them in Tesco's this weekend! The muffins looks great!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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