Sunday, 1 September 2013

So how have I found my Flotex Carpet?

Some opportunities just come along at the right time, like an offer through Allergy UK to try out some Forbo flooring in the form of Flotex carpet. You can read all about it here, if you missed the post.

What is Flotex?

Flotex is a unique hybrid product that brings you all the warmth associated with a carpet, while remaining as cleanable as a hard floor. 100% waterproof and hygenic, everyday splashes and spills can easily be cleaned up, leaving your Flotex looking like new.
Whether you are looking to introduce the natural beauty of wood and stone to your home, make a striking style statement or create a room to simply relax in, Flotex brings you the very best in design choice.
Flotex can also help contribute to a healthier environment within your home. Thanks to its unique construction, which helps to reduce the amount of allergens in the atmosphere, Flotex has been awarded the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval, while its integral anti-microbial treatment Sanitized provides constant protection against a wide range of bacteria. In addition, a 20 year wear guarantee helps to ensure a long and happy product life.

Well we have been in the house for ten weeks now, and this has given me plenty of time to see what we think of it.

Initially we had put this down in the room that we were going to put the grandson in, and the room him and his sister play in. There is a layer of soundproofing that goes under this flooring so thought it would help with my gracious Nellie the Elephant with concrete boots on granddaughter. They do not have houses with neighbours in, they live sandwich between a pub and a shop. The pub had to soundproof between them and her years ago so the noise they make at home doesn't matter, and its just as well, but here it does, we are terraced and have neighbours either side.

 But thinking about it logically and knowing that for me overnight is worse than during the day we decided that we would use the room as our room as I spend a lot more time in the room than the grandson would.
the carpet in situ 

I have to say despite the dust that seems to accumulate here my breathing has been a lot better over night. I use to wake, two, three, four times a night with a dry  mouth as I just cannot breathe through my nose, I have always been a snorer, ever since childhood. Since I have been in this house with the carpet I am finding I sleep better at night, I am not waking as often, and when I do wake my nose is not as blocked as it was previously and my mouth is not dry and horrible.

I am not needing my inhaler first thing before I get up as I was waking wheezy in a morning. These might sound like little things, but if you can wake more refreshed in a  morning, and not wake up with a blocked nose and feeling wheezy it puts you in a better mood and makes for a better day all round.

For me this carpet seems to work well. Remember it comes with a twenty year guarantee, so well worth putting down if you have breathing issues in the house caused by dust and allergens.

There is no need to take my word for it, you can read all about the Allergy UK seal of approval here.

Disclaimer -  I was provided with the carpet for free in return for my findings, but that has not influenced my thoughts on the product.

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  1. We bought flotex for our kitchen worst buy ever anything that's accidentally spilt on it it Mark's so easy you darent walk on it,sick and tired of cleaning this carpet,its only been down for about 3/4 months and it's an absolute nightmare


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