Sunday, 1 September 2013

Project 365 25th -31st July

Well another hectic week has come to an end. So what have we been up to?


This plant is in one of the pots we brought with us from the last house, beginning to look very pretty as it is starting to flower and the leaves are changing colour.


I had Bob for a while tonight while Fifi was away swimming, so we went out to the fishery and Bob took some photographs as his first venture out with the camera. You can see what he captured here 

Bob was at the hospital this week, just for a change, and daughter proudly tells me he has grown 2cm in the last year and is now up to 1m 2cm and his weight is up by 1kg, he now weights 19kg, not a lot but going in the right direction. He is not destined to be big I dont doubt.


I went for a walk round the village as I was bored, saw these in the park and thought they looked very colourful.


Well we finally have a date, these were delivered to us, roll on the 16th September. I will be glad when it is all over.


Took the children out, yes round the fishery, so they could take it in turns with the camera, Fifi just cannot walk, she has to dance, and run, and fidget, and sing, and jump off of anything that gets in her way.


Fifi was off to school, but when she got there they were going straight off for a walk to the woods, hence the waterproof clothes and wellies.


I have this weekend and next off of work. Decided today that we, as in my husband and I and nobody else, were going out by ourselves for the day, to do what we wanted, where we wanted and think of nobody else. A blog post of where we went will follow.

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  1. Lovely photos from the week. My favourite is of Bob taking the photos, it's so enjoyable when they start to learn about taking them

  2. Hope it all goes ok on the 16th..
    I like the piccie of Fifi jumping.

    Hope you and hubby had a good day have some 'us' time.

  3. My parents have that plant, looks really pretty when it flowers.

    Love those colourful toadstool type things in the park!

  4. that jumping photo is really great! good timing to capture that! the colours in your plant are very pretty indeed, and i agree about those toadstools in the park my two would love to climb on them and jump off! and well done to Bob for growing :) x

  5. That plant is wonderful, lovely colouring.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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