Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Inside the house the work is still ongoing.

Well that is ten weeks we have been in, in some ways the time has flown and in others it seems much much longer. There is still work to do both in the house as well as outside.

the old and the new
The kitchen so far has been little things. We have changed the ceiling light for something that a) looks a bit better, and b) is cheaper on the leccy bill. The spotlight we have put up will take led bulbs, which use 4w of power to give 40-50w of light, as oppose to the three 100w bulbs that were in. It all adds up over the year.

the dog doorstop
Due to the layout of the kitchen then the only place we could put the freezer is near the back door, the kitchen is well fitted with just the one tall gap left for an appliance. But when you open the back door the handle was hitting off the freezer door. I had spotted heavy doorstops in the shops at nearly a tenner, and then I spotted a stuffed toy dog in a charity shop for £1, bought a bag of own brand grain rice from the shop and stuffed him to make him heavy and hey presto one doorstop, cost £1.40 and less than an hrs work, a good buy I would say.

the glued kickboard
needs new sealer
the hall, kitchen and bathroom from the front door. 
The next think I want to change in my kitchen is the laminate. But due to the layout of the house my hall runs through to the kitchen and it has been fitted as one room, so if I take one lot up I need to take it all up. Not sure we can afford to do both areas in the one go, but we have asked locally and the carpet shop will fit flooring on top of the laminate, so going to put new flooring down in the kitchen shortly. Will share pictures with you as the work is completed. The hall will just have to stay as laminate.  At the same time as I am doing this I will replace the kick board that runs along the front of the integral appliances. This was glued into place when we moved in as a temporary fix. It wont come off in one piece and will also need to come off when we eventually find somebody who will cut a hole in our outside wall to vent the tumble dryer. The dryer is less than a year old or I may well have considered replacing with a self condensing dryer. The only other bit that needs a wee fix is replacing the sealer along the back of the sink.

OH also wants a door up in the kitchen as you can see in from the front door if you answer the door to anybody. not a huge amount of work, just money really.

the cabling for the outside light, and the coving
The last house we were in was a two bedded, and so when we moved in here we were in no hurry for the third room. We threw a few shelf units and cupboards in there and emptied a lot of boxes into/onto them. I started to strip the old paper off of this room, it was peeling off anyway, and OH has rubbed down the walls and I have sized them ready for papering. Some of the coving had been damaged and this has also been repaired and painted white.

The cabling for the outside light runs down the bedroom wall, so this has been taken out and will go inside trunking once the papering is done. The paper is bought so will share pics with you once it is up. The new outside light will go up as soon as the decorating is finished, now the darker night are here it will make it easier to put rubbish in the bins or access the sheds.

the old outside light, and it being taken down. 

Have got Scottish Power coming out to see me later today, I am not happy with the fact the two kill switches don't kill my electricity. I am also not happy with the fact they have me on white meter heating tariff when I don't have storage radiators, and both my electricity meters turn at the same time during the day. I suspect that my water and heating runs on one meter and the rest on the other, but I can't test out this theory as my heating is not working and my water is permanently on, again somebody is due out to this later this week.


  1. oh well done is looking fab,what a awesome idea with the door stop i will be defo having a go at that,also re tumble do you know you can get a condensing box (you put the pipe in the hole and it stores all the water) there approx £25 to get but it works out so much cheaper than putting a hole in the wall :) i look forward to your next update

    1. I tried one that basically was a box with vent holes in and you put some water in the bottom, theory was your steam turned to water. It didnt work I still had to open my back door.


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