Thursday, 19 September 2013

Decisions Decisions.

I moved into this house back in June, those of you that follow me regularly will know that. When we moved in here only two of the rooms did not need their flooring replacing, the rest of the house needed flooring of some sort. 

I have to say having been a private rented tenant for nearly twenty years this is the first opportunity I have had to actually pick my own flooring, wall paper, curtains and such like in a long long time. It will  also a long time before I will be in a position to replace them and so the decision about what we put up and down had to be right. 

We have a lot of allergies in this household and this needs to be taken into account when furnishing the house with anything at all. We have a leather suite, it is easy to wipe and does not hold dust and I try as much as possible to keep this theme throughout the house as much as possible. We have vertical blinds in all the rooms and don't have curtains in some of them. 
Birch textured laminate

One of the things we looked at when deciding on what to put down was Laminate Flooring. Laminate flooring is great for allergens as it does not hold dust, does not get damp like carpets can and therefore cannot grow mould which can affect people like me. 

Ceramic Effect Beige Travertine Laminate Flooring 

I remember when laminate first came out, it really was not the prettiest stuff on the planet but now you get many different types, finishes, colours and textures. The product comes in many colours, whites, pine and oak to name a few. Your finish is all important and you can choose from embossed, gloss, high gloss, matt, textured as well as wood grain. You can still buy one that looks like planks of wood but others resemble tiles or even cushion floor. 

Bob has been spilling baking stuff on our laminate flooring

I like the fact it is quick and easy to fit, most of the modern laminates these days is click lock, gone is the need to glue. This has the added advantage that should you somehow manage to damage a piece then you can relatively simply just replace the panel. A lot of them also come with a guarantee against normal wear and tear so if they do damage you have some comeback. Laminate is also easy to keep clean, just a brush and a wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes. I use antibacterial wipes on mine makes it dead easy after the ids have finished baking. 

Disclaimer - this is a guest post. 

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