Saturday, 7 September 2013

Fifi, Bob, the fishery and a camera

Took the children a walk round the fishery, I know I'm boring, but they enjoy it. As Bob had had the camera half the afternoon practising indoors, then we let Fifi have it this time. He had a great time we rounded up blue, yellow, green and white things from in the house to make into whatever his imagination came up with, sadly his imagination is not artistic, the results were not anything to write home about but he enjoyed himself and reinforced his zooming and turning the camera to capture the best image.

When she puts her mind to it she can take a good photograph. No decisions have been made yet as to what we may use for the Capture the Colour Competition but we are building up a portfolio to choose from.

Here are some of the pictures the children have been taking over the last few weeks.

blue sky and white clouds

Bob in his sack

rowan berries

swan feathers

Have uploaded a lot more they have taken on google+ should you be interested you can view them here


  1. It's all about practice , as long as they are having fun

    1. thats exactly it Claire, 2 years ago I was hopeless, you just need to look at the pictures I was taking when my blog started. Thanks to people like you and TheBoy andMe to name but a few then I have improved, and its taken me more than 50 yrs

  2. What a great start, they have taken some nice photos and I particularly like the colours in the blue sky and berries ones. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Brilliant, it's all about letting them have a go and get lots of practice.

  4. Great photos. The rowen berries is my favourite one. Good luck in the competition.

  5. I am glad I let my children loose with a camera,Paige has recently started her own blog and is doing better than my blog photos three years ago!
    Love the thistledown seeds,beautiful


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