Thursday, 29 August 2013

Rhubarb and Vanilla Bean custard

I was sent some Vanilla Bean paste to try, have to say I have never used the paste before. I am a lover of the extract and love it added to sultana cakes and cherry briocke.

Vanilla - Truly fine vanilla is at once rich, sweet and sophisticated, possessing a euphoric flavor and fragrance that sends pure joy to the pleasure centers of the brain. Vanilla is warm. It's complex. It can have a bit of spice. Or flowery notes. It is the most popular flavor in the world. And to the vanilla lovers at Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, it is our ultimate passion.

But I decided the other day to do something totally different, so we could actually savour something so upmarket and delicate. I had some rhubarb which I cooked up using  agave syrup to sweeten it to keep it diabetic friendly.

Next I brought a pint of coconut milk drink to the boil, added  two dessert spoons of coconut sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste and removed it from the heat. Stirred in a sachet of gelatine and left to cool and set overnight.

Next day I put some of the cooked and cooled rhubarb  into a glass,( not seen my sundae dishes since I moved house, may well be in the loft) then added some cold chopped up vanilla bean custard,  then added another 2 layers to the top.

Makes for a nice easy to eat dessert in this warm weather.

Disclaimer - the vanilla bean paste was sent to me but the recipe idea is all my own.


  1. That looks great. We love getting some ingredients and making fun family desserts but sometimes they turn out like a real disaster.

    1. Believe me I have had my fair share of disasters, especially when catering for the grandson.

  2. Hello Elaine,
    This is a very nice post. I like the Vanilla Bean custard. The custard looked very delicious. Thank you for the ingredients you share. Hope your next dessert recipe will publish soon.

    1. Thank you Jason, give it a try and let me know how you get on.


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