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Calum's Cabin and The Happy Badger.

I was sent an e-mail the other day by The Happy Badger

I’m the Happy Badger, and I’ve been searching the web for bloggers who want to further the cause of universal happiness. 
I’d like to make a donation of £50 to a charitable cause of your choice, and all that I want you to do is write a post about how that charity helps make the world a better place. It can be any charity you like, and I don’t mind how you do it.

I have selected the charity that I would like to choose out of all the worthy ones that are out there.
The charity I have chosen is called Calum's Cabin. I first heard of this charity last year when my local radio station raised money for this very worthy cause.

You can read more about the charity here. 

Calum's cabin was set up after a young man called Calum Spiers. Calum lived with his mum, dad and twin sister on the Isle of Rothesay.

Calum's Cabin is a holiday retreat on the Isle of Bute for children suffering from cancer to come 

with their families, to spend quality time together and make irreplaceable memories

In January 2006,12 year old Rothesay boy Calum Spiers was diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumour.  Is was like a bolt out of the blue and was to change our world forever.

We as a family packed as much as we could into those 13 months, meeting a variety of celebrities, going to places we could never have imagined going and meeting a lot of people that would help us in the future.

Calum listened and heard many sad stories while in hospital, and realised that we lived in a beautiful part of the world.  We as a family decided to start fundraising to purchase a caravan to allow families dealing with a child with cancer to come to Bute. 

Exactly two years since we lost Calum, “Calums Cabin”, was welcoming its first family.  We are totally amazed at everyone generosity, that we managed to get from the initial £20,000 for a caravan, to what needed to be raised to build “Calums Cabin”.
.Since we opened, we have been full, this in one way is good, because the last thing we would want is for the cabin to be empty, but most of all is sad because it shows that demand is so high.  We continue to fund raise for running costs and we thought that was going to be us.
Due to such high demand of Calums Cabin, the trustees decided in November 2011 to purchase what has been called Calum's Cabin Cottage
The cost of your ferry travel together with "spending money" when you arrive, will be met by Calum's Cabin. The Cabin and Cottage are solely for use by families who have a child suffering from cancer or a cancer related disease.

I often wonder in life if these things happen to certain people for a reason. That out of one families tragedy so many other families are offered an opportunity to spend some quality time together for free.  Calum's name will not be forgotten, what better a legacy a family to build for their child? 

I have to say this is one charity that I hope our family never need, but sadly many many families do, and therefore I would like the Happy Badger to donate £50 to this very worthy cause.

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Thank you for your donation. We're sending it straight to Calums Cabin so you'll be making a difference very soon.

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Gift aid as well, fabulous, thanks Happy Badger from a very happy blogger.

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