Saturday, 17 August 2013

Project 365 11th -17th August

 Never usually get the chance to get this near, but there was two of the sleeping on the bank at the fishery so I sneaked up slowly and got various pictures from different angles. Liked this one best.


We finally found somebody to come and clean the gutters, hubby weighed the contents of what was in them, nearly 4 stone in weight, wonder the gutters were not in the garden.


Took the children out for a run around. They stopped and admired the scenery at the bottom of the hill. You can read more about our evening here if you wish too.


Well it is the last week of the school holidays here, Fifi goes back to school on Monday, though she has reassured her wee brother she will fight with him before and after school so he does not miss her too much. So we made the most of the opportunity and did some baking, you can read the post here 


Have been bidding my time till we saw curtains for the living room that we liked, saw these on here  and thought they were just the right colour with a row of appliqu├ęd poppies approx one third way down. Also they were in the sale so a good price for a lined curtain. They are actually more a scarlet red than they have come out and look great with the red floral wallpaper on the chimney breast. They look great up. Still looking for a dark wood small half moon table for the corner of the living room and  replace the electric fire but again I will see the right thing at some point.


Took  my camera along on our walk round the fishery not expecting to see anything any different that I have already shared with you before this, but could not help but be in awe at the amazing colour of the sky reflecting in the water. The sun was shining just right on the houses in the village, and I thought it just looked very picture postcard. This is as it came of the camera, nothing at all enhanced. How could I not share it?


There is a small shed at the end of the garden that we are hoping will be a chicken shed come next spring, but if it is going to be it will need a new floor and new roofing felt. Might need to rethink and buy something for them or maybe not bother.

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  1. That's a stunning photo at the fishery. Beautiful

  2. That really does look like a postcard picture

  3. oh Elaine, Fridays photo is just stunning - the colours and reflections are fab. and i cannot get over how much weight of rubbish your gutters held - as you say I am surprised theyb had not fallen off into the garden before x x

  4. another busy week for you! i need my gutters doing and we have struggled too! loving the image of the fishery it looks so peaceful x

  5. You were very brave getting so close to that swan and Friday's picture is just beautiful!

  6. Loving the postcard picture from Friday! :) x

  7. Lovely picture at the fishery - the colours of the sky and the water.

  8. Wow. Friday's photos is simply stunning! What an amazing sky!

  9. That fishery picture is just beautiful!

    Love the curtains too

  10. The picture of the swan is glowing and I do love the vibrant curtains. I can thoroughly recommend having your own fresh eggs - they are delicious.

  11. I bet those curtains look great.
    Our window cleaner is getting an attachment for his machine to enable him to do gutters. (he uses a big long brush with a power feed to wash the windows)

  12. Your photos from the Fishery are always stunning and that one is really pretty, it looks like a lovely place. Great capture of the swan too, I'm not sure I would want to get that close.

  13. The landscape is astounding, beautiful cloud formation and colours. I also love the curtains, great bargain.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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