Friday, 23 August 2013

What I did on holiday.

When we went away earlier this month for our four day holiday while my husband was enjoying his days fishing on the Tweed, I went off by myself and played at well tourist I suppose. Me and my little camera went off to see what we could capture as a nice reminder of our days a way.

I have already covered Day 1, travelling down, and where we stayed when we were on holiday .

I have to say I tried to keep my holiday as cheap as possible so spent time looking around places I could see for free, and anywhere you go there is plenty to see for free. Had I not been so busy/stressed/under pressure before I went I may well have e-mailed off to some local places you needed to pay to get into to see if I could have gained cheap/free access in return for a blog post but I decided I just wanted to do things as and when I wanted, or nothing if the notion took me therefore decided not to.

So on day two after I had got some photographs to remember the fishing part of the holiday, I went off to spend time in Kelso. My idea of fun on any holiday is old buildings, churches and gravestones, I have a huge fascination in reading gravestones, and OH believes there are only so many people should read in life and he finds them rather boring.

So my first stop in Kelso was Kelso Abbey.

There are more pictures of the Abbey to see here in a google+ a;bum if you wish.....come on this is social media and there is no point in not boring you. Think slide show 30 years

Next off I wandered around to take in some of the town itself, I wandered past an art gallery, not really my thing, liked the art work entrance to the place

I went for a walk along the cobbles, they may be nice to look at but were awful to drive on.

I went into some of the local places like the Kelso Pottery, where the owner was happy to show me round his workshop, explain the techniques to me, and show me how his goods are made. I loved some of the bowls and dishes ha made, and like the idea of them being one offs, but as I say was a holiday on a budget so I refrained.

Day 3

Again I dropped OH off to do his fiahing, and I decided to head back into Coldstream to see what it had to offer.

I went into the Coldstream Museum,  which I found very interesting, but like many museums you cannot take photographs inside so I cannot share that with you. The entry to the Museum was free with a donations box on the table if you wish.

There was a craft market on in the local hall, and I also took a walk along the river as it was really peaceful. As there was not really enough water to fish in I was going back to pick OH up at lunch time.

After we had lunch we went off to look round The Hirsel Estate. Another free, apart from car parking, place to look round. The flowers were covered in bees and butterflies and were fascinating to watch.

We looked round the museum which gives a history of the Estate itself, how it use to work  and all about the farming, river life the gardens as well as how the inside of the house ran.

There are some beautiful walks round the lake and into the woods. You can see pictures of the place here again on google+.

Later on we went for a drive heading south, our original idea was to head to Berwick, but we got diverted along the way. First off I spotted, yes you have guessed it a ruined building, and had to stop to look round Norham Castle.

Yes there is a google+ album for this as well.

We decided by this it was getting to late to keep heading south as we only had an hour until it was time to eat.  Sadly for OH on the way back I spotted a church and a graveyard  Norham Church  Churches are so peaceful and whilst there I lit a candle for a blogging friend, a blogger I don't think reads my blog but I sent her the picture anyway.

So there you have it, my holiday, not everybody's idea of fun but the joy of not having children is I can do what suits me. Thank you for sharing it with me,

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