Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How do you enhance your children's academic success?

With a new school term upon us, as parents we’re naturally focused on how we can help enhance our children’s academic success. Getting good grades isn't due to studying alone, however; as recent studies point to having a healthy and positive self-image is tied to academic achievement in youths. Kids with low self-esteem are often easily frustrated and anxious when faced with certain challenges, particularly when it comes to school. Besides meeting academic goals, children who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and feel good about themselves are usually better at handing conflicts and resisting negative pressures. They also often tend to be more extroverted, realistic, optimistic, and generally happier about life than children with poor self-esteem.

How very true this is. I have seen how Bob has come on in leaps and bounds since my daughter pulled him out of school and decided to home educate him. But home education is not an option for all parents. So how can your children maintain a healthy self-image and overall mental wellness? Here are a few tips for building your child’s self-esteem and educational progression.

Shower Your Children with Love and Affection

Our self-esteem makes us feel loved while also feeling capable and motivated to achieve. As a result, it’s important that we reinforce our love and pride in our children, whether they win or lose, pass or fail. If your child fails at achieving something be positive and respond with encouragement. Don’t be afraid to embrace your children often and remind them that they are loved no matter what. Besides physically showing your children love, encourage their exploration of academics, activities, and themselves. Whether your child is a star athlete or a chess champion, be sure to take an active interest in their activities.

Don’t be Afraid to Stress Persistence

As kids try, fail, try again, then eventually succeed, they develop ideas about their own capabilities. Therefore, it’s important to teach your children to be persistent in everything they do. Be sure to push
 them when they are struggling, while cheering on their efforts. Remember to praise your children for their positive contributions to all aspects of school—not just academics or sports. In applauding your child’s success in one area, be sure to acknowledge his or her achievements in other endeavours as well. Allow them to make their own decisions; whether it’s the  Dreams beds they pick out for their bedrooms or the sport activities they choose, give them options and make sure they follow through on as many tasks as possible.

Avoid Placing Importance on Material Things

As parents, we want our children to grow up and lead successful, financially secure lives. However, emphasizing material possessions or physical appearance or beauty can be a detriment to your children’s self-esteem and overall mental health. Yes, we all think (know) our little ones are the cutest tiny beings to walk the earth and want our children to know they’re special and attractive, however, don’t just dote too much on outer appearances. Much like your response to your children’s academic success, make sure your children are aware of your unconditional love. Remember to play up the significance of building a strong character  and encourage their expression of their individual, unique personalities.  

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