Thursday, 8 August 2013

Fishing on Holiday

The main focus of the holiday we won was three days fishing on The Tweed, a brilliant opportunity for my husband that we could not afford to pay. The fishing was for two people but as it was so far away from home for us to take a friend then OH had the beat and the Ghillie to himself.

looking up the river

We had instructions to phone the Ghillies before we actually went, and sadly for us they both told us that there had been little or no rain, that for any chance of the fish moving upstream they needed lots of rain to make the conditions right for them. There was six inches of water in the river when we were down, the fish needed two feet Tam reckoned to move them.

Now my husband is not an experienced fisherman and so we decided to go down to the beat on the river on the Wednesday morning and see what was happening anyway. Tam, our Ghillie for the first two days introduced himself. We went into the hut that is there, the hut has tables and chairs as well as a gas stove, oven and fire,  and over a cup of tea Tam got talk to my husband and discussing his level of experience etc etc.

From this conversation Tam worked out that my husband would benefit from lessons in various techniques, and so the first morning was spent learning these new techniques. Starting from the beginning and building the casts up step by step Tam had infinite patient and so by lunch time the techniques had been taught.

inside the fishing hut

After lunch there techniques were all put together to practise them, but they packed up about 3pm as there was not much more they could do without water and fish.

improving with tuition

We went back to the same spot on Thursday and this time Tam had decided that he would take OH out in the boat to a few of the deeper pools on the beat to see if they would have any luck. Tam said it was doubtful and he was right, nothing biting at all. my OH enjoys fishing for the sake of fishing and for him he does not need to be catching to enjoy the sport.

OH, Tam and his dog go fishing

This time they called it a day just after lunch. Tam was brilliant at his job, any question that was asked were explained in full even if the questions came from me. He had a real passion for his job and he made the two days a fishing a real worthwhile experience.

We spoke to the Ghillie who was on the beat for Fridays days fishing, and still there was nothing worth fishing for so as I was working on the Saturday we decided to have a leisurely drive back up again as well stopping off in different places if we saw anything that appealed.

Whilst OH was fishing, I  got photographs and some video for the memories of the days, but spent the rest of the time playing at being a tourist.

You will need to excuse the finger over the very edge of the picture, my lens in the new camera is in a silly place and I had not got use to it, unfortunately time I viewed the file it was too late to re - shoot the memories.

I have added a few more pictures in a google+ album here if you want to go and see them. 


  1. Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Besides easy, fishing is also very entertaining. Although fishing is often regarded as a lazy people’s hobby, but the fact is many people like fishing. Fishing is not only measured by how many fish were obtained, but this is about the satisfaction and challenge. Fishing is one way to clear your mind after you are busy with work. If you feel exhausted and bored with your habitual action, do not doubt to get fishing so that your brain refreshed.

    1. I know it is a hugely popular sport. Plenty of energy is expended while walking and casting.


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