Thursday, 15 August 2013

My first thought on my Armadillo shoes

I saw a shout out on Bloggers required  for people that work in the health industry to try out a pair of shoes.

The shoes are

 The Armadillo HPi available from Magnum shoes, is an ideal solution for nurses/healthcare employees, catering/kitchen employees and anyone else who needs ultimate comfort, protection and support for those long shifts.

This leather shoe, which can also be worn as a mule, is liquid and blood-borne pathogen resistant and has been independently tested to be highly resistant to needlestick penetration. The sole has been EN tested for slip-resistance to SRC standard. While the OrthoLite anti-bacterial memory foam insole is proven to retain 95% of its cushioning after the first year, ensuring instant comfort that lasts all day during those long shifts. 

straight out the box. 
  • All day comfort
  • Anti-bacterial memory foam OrthoLite insole
  • Provides support & protection
  • Strong needlestick resistant upper
  • Liquid/blood-borne pathogen resistant (ion-mask technology)
  • Highly slip resistant HexTraction sole
  • Breathable
  • Neoprone collar can be kicked down to wear the shoe as a mule
  • See the WorkFiT section for more about this amazing shoe!

I work as a housekeeper in my local hospital, on my feet for the whole shift walking 10,000 - 12,000 steps in a typical six hour shift. Making beds, pushing food trolleys, hoovering and  washing floors to name but a few tasks. 
These seemed ideal so I sent away for them and they came this morning. 

the elasticated back folded down
I took them out of the box and thought they look big, clumsy and heavy. I was impressed with the back of the shoe which is made from wide elastic making it easy to slip on as backless, or easy to slip on and pull the back up. 

I tried them on and have to say they were very comfortable and did not feel at all heavy. I wandered around in the house in them for over an hour and have to say you would not even know you had them on they were that lightweight and comfortable. 

Once I have had a chance to try them out for a weekend at work I will report on how I find them.

on my feet

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