Thursday, 15 August 2013

Outdoor fun with the grandchildren

I went and pick the children up about four yesterday, and as it looked like it may rain later on we decided to go for a walk then rather than leaving it until after tea.

feeding the ferrets
So we trailed off to the fishery first of all so granddad could feed the ferrets, they are too quick with sharp teeth to risk letting the children feed them.

feeding the chickens
Once we had fed the ferrets we went and fed the chickens, you would think by the stampede that they were never fed. By this it had started to rain, and as three of the four of us didn't have jackets we sheltered under the trees.

the baby chickens
The rain eased off so we went to look at the very young chickens who were in a separate area. We got to talking about baby chickens hatching from eggs, which led to the fact babies come from eggs, so Bob wants to know what sort of egg he came from.

The rain was getting heavier and we could see plenty of it blowing in across the hills so we headed back to the car.

walking on the edge

We headed home to make the tea, Bob helped by cutting up the leeks and Fifi helped peel the potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes and then helped cut them up as well.

cutting up the vegetables

After tea it had calmed down so I pop the children back in the car and I decided as I have driven by signs for Enterkin House for years but have never actually been we would go there. Wasn't sure what to expect but it was a fairly bog standard building in the countryside.

We wandered down the hill and through the fields towards the river, but it was a bit to overgrown to take the children throw the long grass.

sitting on the gate

They decided to spend a while climbing on the gate, and Fifi leaping off of it.

jumping off the gate

 then we toddled off back across the field

heading back

and back up the hill. Bob won the race to the top.

But then Fifi and I were not running, much better to hold a conversation. She was telling me about her shopping trip and her new shoes and trainers. Had to chuckle she got baby wipes when we got back and cleaned her new trainers.

Was not overly exciting but the children enjoyed the running around, mooing at the cows, baaing at the sheep and quacking at the ducks. The first thing Bob told granddad when we got back was he had seen some cows - hardly exciting when you see them every day but he thought so.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. It looks like you have a lovely relationship with the grandchildren and they obviously enjoy being with you. thank you for linking up.

  2. Great that you were all able to get out together, despite the weather.

  3. I think that's lovely. Our children's Grandparents live 200 miles away, so your family are very lucky :)
    It always amazes me what children say was the best thing about the day - it's never what you expect!


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