Monday, 5 August 2013

One room paradise

IKEA are running a campaign called "One room paradise" looking at making small spaces big with clever storage ideas. Believe me with a hoarder husband like mine you can never have enough storage in a house.

IKEA tell us that in the UK we have the smallest homes in Western Europe at an average of 85 sq m. in comparison to Luxenbourg having a massive 125 sq m.

They have ideas from small bathrooms

“We Brits have some of the smallest bathrooms in Europe with most being no bigger than a king-size bed. We spend a vital part of our day in this room which is why we have a bathroom range that gives you space for everything you need and smart ways to keep it organised. So you can spend less time searching for the toothpaste and more time taking good care of yourself.” 

Ours falls into that criteria, I did a make over on my bathroom not that long ago, adding storage and things, you can read it here if you have not already seen it. IKEA advocate the idea of spreading up the way to utilise the often forgot space at head height and I like the fact it is semi-transparent so I can see what is in which drawer/shelf rather than having to look through everything to find what I want.

to the office

"Whether you work or study, your home office space should be functional but have enough personality to keep you inspired. IKEA has a huge range of clever furniture and smart storage to transform even the smallest broom cupboard into your very own boardroom. So, it might be work, but it doesn't have to feel like it."

We don't have desktop computers any more but still have a lot of office based stuff, printers, envelopes, stationery etc etc,  and IKEA  have a huge range of Workspace storage and paper and media organisers, no matter how small the computers get an A4 envelope is still the size an A4 envelope and we all need paper to print on so neat and tidy has to be the key when this is all stored in one corner of the bedroom.

IKEA also have great ideas for using your garden as a living space in this great spell of weather we are having.
"You don't need much space to create a cosy spot for everyday relaxing and dining outdoors. We have plenty of space-saving, low maintenance products that make it easy to  create your own outdoor oasis, no matter how big or small your outdoor space is - even in the middle of the city."

I think my garden is in need of a huge amount of work before it can become a living space, but who knows maybe later this year it will get the makeover it requires and IKEA stock a huge range of outdoor space furniture, from tables and chairs to  parasols and gazebos, storage benches which double as seats and a special child size range of tables and chairs so the children do not feel left out. They can colour. draw. paint and eat in the garden till their hearts content and your housework stays done for longer.

I love their bright and bold dinnerware all unbreakable of course to save accidents but great colours again to add to the colours of Summer in your garden.

IKEA  have made a series of very clever television adverts with Mandy and her son Liam with great visual ideas on space saving in a small home. I love the cut from dolls house to full size, from the plastic food in the fridge to adding her full range of spices to her cake baking. You can follow Mandy's exploits on twitter  @IKEAMandy.

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