Sunday, 27 October 2013

An afternoon of cooking with Bob

Bob chops the pears
On Thursday after we had chased the geese and our shadows at the fishery we went home to do some cooking.  I had dug some blackberries out of the freezer and we coupled these with some pears that are in abundance in the shops at very reasonable prices.

weights out his ingredienats
I offered Bob the choice of making either sponge or crumble, and then had to explain that sponge was cake and what crumble was made from, and so he chose crumble. So he measure out the flour, margarine and sugar and we used the hand help mixer to make it into breadcrumbs.

forking up the crumble ready for the oven
He chopped up the pears and place them in a bowl, topped them with the blackberries and poured his crumble on top. We cooked this for about 20 mins at 190oC, We served it with coconut milk custard.


While Bob was making this I rolled out some bought  puff pastry and made us pear and blackberry pie. I had mine with the coconut custard and Fifi and Granddad had tinned custard.
Stood on the laminate floor with the draft that howls creeps in my back door I really need to get myself a pair of slippers as my feet were freezing. Bob was ok he is still wee enough he needs to stand on a chair.

adding the coconut
As there was some pastry left I rolled it out and cut out circles to put in a cake tin. I then got Bob to carefully add lemon curd to the pastry cases, and then top them with dessicated coconut.  He is not allowed to eat lemon curd but one day he may need to handle foods he is not allowed to eat and so he does need to learn to do this safely. I forgot to prick the pastry before we added the curd and coconut, and as the pastry rose a lot of the curd over flowed onto the cake tin, but there was enough left to taste delicious.

the cooked tarts. 

Disclaimer this is a sponsored post but all ideas and thoughts are my own. 


  1. What great fun and those look yummy x

  2. My mouth is watering. I remember making those misshapen (sorry Bob!) parcels of loveliness when I was little. Delicious!

  3. We lurrve crumble. I have a wish to make some today now as we have lots of apples in the fridge.


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