Saturday, 5 October 2013

Tonka Town Fire Station, a review and a linked competition.

What is Tonka Town? 

Tonka Town is a happy, friendly town that has been created to appeal to children aged 3 – 5 years. The range of Tonka Town toys, comprising vehicles, buildings, character figures and accessories, encourages children to develop and explore their own imaginations and play out exciting mini adventures in Tonka Town. 
Everyone knows everyone in the Tonka Town community from José, the Chief Fireman, to Oscar the Policeman and Kurt on the Construction Site, to name just a few of the characters.

• Help save the day in Tonka Town!

• José receives a call – “there’s is a fire raging 
in town!”

• Bruno races to the top of the fire station –
 sirens start sounding and blue lights flash.

• José flies down the fireman’s pole followed by Bruno, 
then into the Tonka Fire Car to dash to the scene……

• Also features training tower with glowing fire 
to put out, rotating satellite on roof 
and extendable garage with opening doors and manual dial.

• Comes complete with Fire Car and José and Bruno 
character figures.

I really had to coax Bob into playing with this, 
as he took a dislike to the noise the 
sirens made on top. 
He liked the flashing lights but not
 the noises.  When you stand the fireman 
on the yellow discs they 
activate the noises. 

He did like the fire-engine 
and the opening 
doors for it to go through. 

He liked the fire man pole at the side

He liked the rotating antenna.

There is a red glowing fire for the firemen to put out.

This would make a great addition too, or even a starting point for building your Tonka Town. They also do jail with vehicles and noises as well. Big, chunky, well made, easy for little hands to manage with huge play value.

Tonka have a great competition on their site at the moment to win one of six Fire Stations.

Its a simple fill in a form with your details to enter, click here for the form.  T&C's state it closes Midnight on October 31st.

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