Thursday, 31 October 2013

An afternoon of pampering.

I have been threatening my hair for a few months now that it was going to get the chop, it had just got too long, even tied up it was getting in the way especially at work. My daughter (S)  was also wanting hers done before the babies are born and I wanted mine done for the party season.

with my foils in. 
I wanted mine cut and coloured to cover the grey and I knew S could not sit long enough in a salon while I got this done. By coincidence one of my colleagues at work mentioned her daughter comes out to the house and does hair, so I bit the bullet phoned her and booked her to do both of us and Fifi as well while she was here. There is only three weeks till the babies arrive so time is getting short.  So on Monday afternoon we had a pamper session.

She started off with mine as the colouring could be maturing whilst she did my daughter's. Fifi and Bob were laughing at me, wanting to know why I had tin foil on my head. I told them it was a new fashion and I was going to go to the supermarket to see if people would laugh at me, they both thought I was rather stupid and that of course people would laugh at me. They were probably right.

daughter trying to sit comfortably. 
Next up daughter is done, hers was brushed and straightened and then had about four inches chopped off the bottom. Mine was rinsed out and I also had about four inches off the bottom, had it blow dried and straightened followed by some shape and layers put in. It is still long enough to tie back for work which is essential for me. I don't like it short.

Fifi sitting nicely 

Fifi was last to get done, hers was brushed and she also had a good four inches off the bottom. Everybody admires her curly hair but she finds it a pain as it tangles up all the time. But she did not moan once when Louise was doing her hair, she does when mummy and I brush it for her.  I have to say we were all very pleased with our finished results, and all because of a casual comment at work.

the finished result

Right well that is the hair done, next for the party season I may well need to go and get some artificial nails fitted. Then I just need to find a nice outfit. I have to say I am not a dress wearer, I feel more comfortable in trousers and a top and I like to make sure my outfit will suit more than just one occasion and that what I buy will mix and match with other items I have. There are a few retirement parties happening in December of colleagues I have worked with for many a year and really would like to go to so will be worth investing in some new items to wear.

Disclaimer -  This is a sponsored post but the ideas are all my own. 

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