Friday, 25 October 2013

Fellowes Callisto A3 Laminator Review

Fellowes have been sharing some brilliant ideas that not only keep your children amused but they are also very green as it uses up your shredded paper. 

We looked at their fab ideas 

this one for a puppet

or this one for a monster

or even a fairy wand

They have lots more ideas, why not pop across and have a look . You can even share your ideas on their with them. 

But what happens to your creations once you have finished with them? Well we made Halloween crafts last week using the shredded paper, and so that we could preserve them we laminated them. 

and then Bob cut them out. They are going to tie them on their front door for Halloween, this way they wont get wet or ruined.

So what did we think of the actual laminator? 

We were sent a Callisto A3 laminator, which has some very useful features

  • HotSwap allows instant changes between different pouch thicknesses without the need to wait for the laminator to heat-up or cool down
  • Sleep Mode is activated after periods of inactivity, reducing energy consumption
  • HeatGuard™ Technology - reduces the surface temperature of the laminator, ensuring it is always safe to touch
  • Laminates up to 125 micron pouches
  • Reverse mechanism for retrieving and re-aligning misfed documents
  • Includes starter kit for 10 document

We tried out the product. It takes just over five minutes to heat up, which may seem like a long time but you can be preparing your products to laminate once you have switched the machine on. 
Once it is switched on you just use the plus and minus buttons to change the heat setting, this is dependant on the thickness of laminate you are using. 

Here you can see I have selected the 75 microns as this was the thickness provided with the machine.The green light flashes during heat up. Once the machine is at the required temperature the machine gives a bleep and stops flashing. 

The machine is very easy to use, just place you document into the laminating pouch and push it into the edge of the machine, You do not need a carrier. 

The machine is very quiet, you really do not hear it when a document is going through. The outside of the machine stays cool to the touch and it has an auto shut off feature so that you do not need to worry about leaving it on. 

We had a laminator many years ago as we wanted to preserve some of the items the children had made in school, things you could not replace. We laminated newspaper cuttings from articles that the children were in as well as various certificates. 

Fellowes has an idea centre with 100's of ready made resource ideas suitable for home, office and school. 

They are also running a competition where by if you share your idea of things you love to laminate then you have a chance to win "the ultimate craft pack". Read more about it her

Granddad made a certificate for Bob this morning. We now save all our shredding for Bob to do on a Thursday as the shredder is safe for him to use and he loves doing it. Zoom in and have a read. 

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