Saturday, 19 October 2013

Project 365 13th - 19th October

Well the dark nights are drawing in, the rain has made its presence felt this week, and the children have been off for their October week school holiday.


Well I was not out the house all weekend. I had phoned in sick as I was up all night on Friday with a tummy bug and its difficult to work when it is coming out of both ends.
So H&S would have a fit but I did a baking and made a cake tonight.


Went for a walk round Rozelle park. I liked this picture in macro, made a change from the ducks on the duck pond.

We were off visiting our friend again this week. We took a picnic with us and stopped at Pollok Country Park on the way back. Have written a blog post here if you want a look. Not too many autumnal colours up here just yet, a lot of the tress are still very green.


Today is the first anniversary of my daughters friends death. She was only 41 and left behind a wee boy who was a few days off his third birthday. Sad but it happens.


Bob had a hospital appointment today and daughter with only five weeks to go  is getting too big to drive safely and comfortably. So I ran  them up to the hospital. While daughter and Bob were in there Fifi and  I went for a walk round the grounds. Blog post to follow.


The children are off school this week so we managed to have lots of fun. Did a few product reviews we had outstanding as well as having fun with some arts and crafts.
Here they are giving the thumbs up to a car track we were reviewing. Review to follow some time.


No overtime at work today as I was not in last weekend to ask. So on the way home I dropped into daughters as I had picked up Bob's prescription from the hospital pharmacy he was given on Thursday. We had been in the hospital two hrs and daughter was too sore to wait when he was not desperate for them. When I dropped the stuff off I saw six tins of this sitting on the cupboard and thought I would pinch one for Bob to use when he is over. She had bought them with her online delivery and as always had checked the label before she was putting them in Bob's fridge.  But the tins are now marked "may contain traces of nut" so I ended up with six tins of the stuff as he can't have it.

Never tried it before, lets hope I like it or it goes in the bin.

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  1. Some lovely photos this week, I like the Macro shot, I should try using mine a bit more. Cake looks lovely

  2. hope you are feeling better now!! cake making always cheers me up
    so sorry about your daughter losing her friend and how sad to have left behind a little boy. x

  3. I'm all for hanging onto the green on the trees for as long as possible!

  4. That cake looks great especially given it was made by someone not at all well

  5. That cake looks yummy and I love the macro shot.

  6. Hope you are feeling better now. Your grandchildren are off early, my son still has another week at school before his holiday!

  7. some fab photos this week, poor you picking up that bug!! there is one going round my little man has had it this weekend x

  8. Oh dear being poorly must have been awful. Glad to see it didn't last long.
    I like the macro shot you should do more of them. :)

  9. Stunning macro shot. So sorry to hear about your daughters friend.


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