Thursday, 10 October 2013

Do you need help to make it through Stoptober?

I have never been a smoker, have never even fancied trying it.  My mum smoked cigarettes for as long as I can remember, and I hated the smell.  My dad smoked a pipe occasionally and I have to say I quite liked the smell of the pipe. My maternal grandfather smoked a cigar and I did not mind this unless we were in the car, and then the smell would make me feel sick.

Sadly four of our five children have chosen to smoke despite growing up in a non smoking household. I would love for them to stop for financial reasons as well as health ones. None of them smoke inside the house, their own or anybody else's, and none of them smoke in their cars either so that is always a bonus. But I have still pointed out the latest campaign to them - Stoptober.

So what is Stoptober all about?

Stoptober is like October but without the cigarettes.

There are many reasons why people find it difficult to give up smoking. Smoking is not only a psychological habit it is also a physical habit and like any habit it can be hard to stop. So not only is your body and brain screaming out for the satisfaction it feels it needs, but your hands are looking for something to do at certain times of the day ie after meals or first thing in the morning.

I have to say I would have liked my daughter to stop smoking while she was pregnant, and even recommended to her  These come in many different types of cigaetees as well

The NHS are backing this campaign and they have  huge resources available to anybody that seriously wants to stop.

They have listed 10 great tips to help you quit.

  1. Ask one of our expert advisers what options are available for you and make a personal plan that works.
  2. Boost your chances of quitting successfully by using stop smoking medicines. Ask your adviser which one is best for you. One method is the new electronic cigarettes .
  3. Buddy up with a friend because quitting is always easier with support.
  4. Remember to stay focused, so don’t think ‘one cigarette won’t hurt’. If you have a cigarette, you will be undoing all your great work and could make the cravings worse. 
  5. Identify what situations make you crave a cigarette and plan how to manage them. Pick up our cravings leaflet for more tips.
  6. Book a weekly carbon monoxide check with your adviser to monitor your progress and see how your body recovers.
  7. Try to avoid drinking alcohol in the first few days as you might be tempted to smoke.
  8. Count how much cash you’re saving! Then go and spend it on something nice for yourself. You’ve earned it. 
  9. During tough times, remind yourself of your reasons for stopping and how well you’ve done so far.
  10. Stick with it and reward yourself everyday. However, if you would like more support – we’re here to help you, just call the number below.

For more advice, help and support visit or call 0800 169 0 169

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