Sunday, 20 October 2013

Halloween fun with shredded paper.

I was sent a paper shredder a while ago, you can read my review here if you wish . Following on from this we were sent a SmART attack shredder challenge by Fellowes,  They have some great tutorials if you want a look.

As it is nearly Halloween we decided Halloween themed art work was the order of the day.

First of all we printed off outline picture of pumpkins, ghosts and a cat

Then we shredded some coloured paper. We used the normal shredded paper or the ghosts, and shredded orange, green and black for  the rest.

We started off with glue sticks and the ghosts but the children found this quite slow and tedious, so for the pumpkins and the cat we used wallpaper paste that was made up ready for the spare bedroom.

The pumpkins with the paper over hanging the edges, so it was trimmed off, and then the lines were drawn on the three of them. Fifi added eyes to hers.

 Starting the ghosts, and the finished results, with Bob and Fifi making ghost noises.

For the cat we covered the white cat in wallpaper paste and then the shredded paper.  Once dry Fifi trimmed it from the back, and added googly eyes.

 I have to admit we are not the most artistic family but we all had fun together.


  1. So the paper DID shred after all! This art is awesome :) I hope it's saved for next week?

    1. yes we have laminated them to make them waterproof and tougher

  2. you will be pleased to know that you can 1) use them as package fillers; 2) use them creatively as confetti supplies; or 3) use them as animal beddings. Best Paper Shredder


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